Trip Select

Once a user’s been able to successfully login, the app takes you to a trip select screen, where passengers may select the type of trip that they’d like to avail on their booking with us. We’ve categorised them to three types here, as:

City: Selecting this proceeds with a trip booking within the city limits of a passenger’s current location.

Airport: Allows passengers to make a time- bound trip booking to a selected airport.

Outstation: On selecting the outstation option, passengers can make long distance bookings which involve destinations outside their city limits. This may involve journeys with a return trip, back to the source location, and may span through a day or days as required by the passenger.

Map View and Vehicle Select

Once the passenger selects the type of trip to proceed with, the app takes them to a screen showing their current location, along with tabs indicating the type of vehicle they desire to make their journey with, and the time taken for the closest such vehicle to reach them.

It has to be noted that the source location for the journey may be varied by simply dragging the marker in pink, to be placed anywhere on the map as may be selected to be the origin. Any time a passenger needs to revert back to their current location, which is indicated by the small blue circle next to the default source position, all they have to do would be to tap on the concentric pink circle next to the vehicle select, and it would bring the source marker back to the default location, which would be the current location of the passenger.

The text box below indicates the source location along with the type of vehicle selected, and passengers may specify the source location here as well.

Trip Details

On selection the source and vehicle details, the passenger arrives at a screen where they’re shown the confirmation details on the source location and the type of cab chosen (Note that both these may be changed in this screen as well), and is prompted to provide the destination.

Now, tap the ‘Request taSki’ button, and you’re good to go!

The application will take you to the taSki request screen where the application connects you to your cab driver. Let the app find your driver for you, and when it does, you’ll be notified of the booking confirmation with the details of the cab and the driver approaching you, along with a call button which helps you connect to your driver any time you feel like it.

In the rare event that none of the drivers were available at a particular time you’d requested a cab with us, you’d be notified of the same.