taSki Redefines Personal Mobility in Bangalore: Launches B2C Services for Direct Consumer Access

Revolutionizing Travel for Individuals with Sustainable and Seamless Transportation Solutions

taSki Technologies is thrilled to announce the debut of its Business-to-Consumer (B2C) services in Bangalore, marking a significant expansion of our commitment to providing cutting-edge and sustainable travel solutions.


In response to the growing demand for personalized and eco-friendly transportation options, taSki is proud to introduce its B2C services to the vibrant city of Bangalore. This strategic move aims to empower individual consumers with the same level of convenience and innovation that our corporate clients have come to trust.



taSki Corporate Mobility MICE

Personalized Travel Experience: taSki’s B2C services offer individuals tailor-made travel
solutions, whether it’s daily commuting or special occasions. Every trip is designed with the
user’s needs in mind.

Eco-Friendly Fleet: Embracing the future of mobility, taSki’s B2C model includes access to
our cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet, contributing to a greener and more sustainable
urban environment.

Intuitive App Interface: The taSki app has been enhanced for individual users in Bangalore,
providing a user-friendly interface for easy booking, real-time tracking, and a seamless
travel experience.

Safety Assurance: Just like in our corporate services, safety remains our top priority in the
B2C model. Our well-maintained vehicles, professional drivers, and 24/7 support system
ensure a secure and reliable journey for every individual.

Bengaluru to Mysuru Outstation Cabs


taSki’s launch of B2C services in Bangalore signifies our commitment to transforming personal mobility. We invite residents to embrace a new era of travel, where every journey
is defined by efficiency, sustainability, and unparalleled convenience.