For the Love of the Journey.

The world keeps moving, for many reasons. Night and day, alone and in a bunch, at scorching summers and magical monsoons, every journey has a purpose- and with taSki, we’re all about feelgoodiness on the journey to that purpose.

taSki puts its heart and hands into making every mile and every moment with you a beautiful one. With a round-the-clock mobility solution to take you places to your heart’s content, you can be sure that be it on a casual or a crisis basis, we’re always going to be a tap away from you.

Got a friend back in town you need to catch up with? Or perhaps, a midnight craving for a Pasta Bolognese and you know just the place. Ever wonder what the fishing nets in Fort Kochi looked like, against the setting sun?

Blending affordability and comfort in every mile, taSki lets you pick from customised choices for your travel- any type of trip at any time of day, no matter if it’s just you or the gang, we’ve got just the right one for you.

Armed with a host of security features such as automatic trip intimation with your dear ones, pre-communicated driver and vehicle information, intelligent number masking for communication between a taSki goer and a taSki driver and more, we’ve made our move to make yours a peaceful, hassle-free one.

So what’s keeping you from going around now, go forth and indulge in that awe-inspiring journey, happy Taskying to you!

  • Super Affordable!

    With charges starting from just Rs 6/ km and that too for an all-air conditioned ride even, taSki is here to be anyone’s affordable number one, any time and any place!

  • Say no to Surges

    So unfair to pay more for the same journey, isn’t it? We think so too- no matter what the time and what the rush, we’re not going to be bumping up the charges, so tap to make a smart move!

  • Stellar Security

    Armed with a host of superlative security features such as trip intimation, one touch emergency dialling, masked contact and more, taSki gives you more reasons to smile for every mile.

  • There’s no time like any time!

    Get away, break free, roam around- sun or moon, no matter the hour, you can be sure that there’s a taSki waiting to take you places just around the corner, all through the yearlong.

  • Go Anywhere.

    Got an old friend coming down after the many moons? taSki lets you roam around to your heart’s content- be it any time, any place and for any reason, don’t think, just move.

  • Diligently Driven

    Every taSki out on the streets is driven by more than just people- trained to tackle any time, traffic and terrain, they’re professionals who’ve steered through the streets they know like the back of their palms.